Marriage of Greatness with Evan & Susan Money

The Marriage of Greatness Podcast is here! (Final Blog)

It's our Final Blog but the real fun begins on the Podcast: Click Here to Listen.   The best sex of your life awaits! Now that we have your attention, the Marriage of Greatness Podcast is for growth minded couples that want to go from…
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Want to trade busyness for BLISS?

Want to trade your busyness for BLISS? It's easier than you think, just follow these 2 simple steps: Step #1. Slow down to Catch up with God. This is an iconic quote from the documentary Godspeed and it's so true. If you really want…

Level Up To A Marriage of Greatness!

Did you know Harvard University has done two of the longest studies on happiness as well as human longevity? One study is over 80 years old and sill going strong, another by Dr. Dean Ornish was over 20 years.  That's over a century of research!…
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ALL IN means you have what it takes!

In the famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus speaks of being "perfect" or "be perfect, like your father in heaven is perfect." This never made sense to me until I dug deeper for a more accurate translation. Remember, "all translation is interpretation"…

Do You Know What Kind of Processor You Are?

Many of you reading this are familiar with your personality type, be it Myers Briggs, the Enneagram or your Personality Tree. Extremely helpful and eye opening for sure. The next popular tool to really knowing and loving yourself is the 5  Love…
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What time is it? Time to Change.

What time is it you ask?  It's time to change for the better! Yes you can change, however all change looks like loss in the beginning, so we naturally resist it.  Why do we do this? Simple, our human nature is to avoid pain at all costs.…
Real Meditation

Real Meditation

In the book of Joshua God commands the successor of Moses to mediate. Not only that, God promises great success and prosperity by doing so. Yet the Western church has mostly apposed the exploration of meditation. I believe it's due to the fact…

The truth about Tom Brady and Gisele’s divorce.

It's far too easy to say that Tom Brady choose football over Gisele, but isn't that what happened?  But before we get started, I'm on the record of saying I hope they get back together and they can!  As well, the only people who really know…

Gods View vs. The Bugs View

There is an old Persian tale about a bug in a rug, in many ways we are just like this bug. We move from problem to problem looking for crumbs and complaining about our challenges in life. When all we have to do is choose rise up to a higher…