Did you know Harvard University has done two of the longest studies on happiness as well as human longevity? One study is over 80 years old and sill going strong, another by Dr. Dean Ornish was over 20 years.  That’s over a century of research!

The most interesting thing is, both studies came up with the EXACT SAME RESULTS! Can you believe it?

In Dr. Ornishes case, he travelled the world interviewing centurions ( people over 100 years old) to find out the common traits of a long life. Was it the special green tea in a remote Japanese village? Was it the amazing wine or olive oil in the Italian country side? Neither were it lol!

In the other study (Harvard Study of Adult Development) , scientists began tracking the health of 268 Harvard sophomores in 1938 in hopes to reveal the secret to a happy life. In fact some are still alive today and a few notable names from that list are none other than President John F. Kennedy and Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee.

To sum up the mountains of data in this short and fun post the bottomline is this. The longest living happiest people in the world all have great relationships!

The quality of your relationships is the quality of your life!  The most critical of these relationships is your marriage.

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