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“It seems to me that faith is really simple, we choose to make it hard so we can justify disobeying God.”

At least that’s how it is for me. I’m first to go on the record that the biggest room in my house, is the room for improvement. For those that love Jesus or just simply believe he was a wise teacher, his commands were simple and few. Love God and love others, especially your enemies. Jesus specifically commands his followers to pray and bless their enemies.

Question for you, when was the last time you prayed for or blessed your enemies? That’s what I thought. It’s been a while for me as well.

So what does the mega hit TV show The Mandalorian have to do with this challenging truth? They perfectly illustrate this struggle in an epic way, and sadly many faith based people miss it.

First off, the famous quote of the Mandalorian creed is “This is the Way.” You may find it interesting that for 20 to 30 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus, His followers were simply called “The Way.” It wasn’t until much later that the world Christian was first used in the city of Antioch, and the name stuck.

Next, in Season 1 during the final episode, we watch first hand as the Mandalorian struggles with the concept of loving and serving his enemies. He learns that the “child” he has been watching over ( a baby Yoda) comes from a race that warred with his people, therefore making it an “enemy.” He is then told, it is not an enemy but a “foundling”, which is another term for an adopted son. Which in fact is how the Mandalorioan became a Mandalorian, as he was once a “foundling” and adopted into this unique tribe of warriors.

To make matters worse, he is then charged to protect this “foundling” with his life, and return it to it’s own people. When he rebuffs this call to “love your enemies as yourself” he is told flatly “This is the Way.” And with that one sentence, the matter is settled.

Regardless if you believe in Jesus or not, loving your enemies only produces joy and peace in your life. Once you move past unforgiveness, you open the floodgates to pain-free living in your life. As well as some exciting tangible returns. The year I finally forgave my father after not speaking to him for over a decade, I tripled my income : ) It’s called R.O.F ( Return on Forgiveness). I highly recommend it, and for those the profess to follow Jesus, this is the way.


I was blessed to be a guest on Answers for the Family Radio show with Allen Cardoza. As promised here are two answers from the Q & A.

Question #1. ( paraphrased ) My husband recently retired and things are not going well at home, I think he has fallen out of love with me, what can I do?

Answer: It’s not you! The simple truth is, Men are mission driven, we want to solve the challenge, not talk about it. As well, we get our identity from our job or business. Your husband has no identity and no mission, he is lost. The solution to improving your marriage is to find away to grow together.

The best place to start, is to find out your husbands Love Language ( it’s in our book) and then fill his Love Tanks. Once his Love Tanks are full, you will get your old husband back, instantly! Then and only then can you work together to discover the next mission in his life.

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Question #1. ( paraphrased ) Our son’s marriage is falling apart and he is in a very dark place. When he comes over, all he wants to talk about is what she is doing to make him miserable. If we don’t agree with him 100% he lashes out at us and storms out. What can we do? How can we get him to read your book?

Answer: You son is in massive pain because of the “IF- THEN” Cycle we cover in the book. However cleverly you want to give him our book, it won’t work. First, to get your son back, he needs his Love Tanks filled. Once filled he will be in his right mind to receive some parental wisdom. DO NOT GIVE HIM OUR BOOK IF YOU HAVE NOT READ IT. Your son needs you to read it first and hear your breakthroughs first. Once he feels secure and loved, he will be open to growth & change.

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“Each level of glory, requires a new story.”

You may be asking, what do you mean a new story Evan? Well, the simple truth is, every limitation on your life is just a story that you are telling yourself. I know that hurts but deep down you know it’s true.

The proof is all around you if you’re still in denial, there are massively successful people that have gone through the same thing you have and worse. Helen Keller, Victor Frankl, Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey and one of my favorites Madame CJ Walker, the first female millionaire in the United States. Born into a family of salves in the south in the mid 1800’s. She was married at 14 and widowed with child by 20. She lived in the most toxic culture in some of the most toxic times in history. The south had lost the war, their confederate money is worthless and do you really think former slave masters changed their view of their now “free” slaves.

Yet it was in this time as a widowed single mother that Madame CJ Walker built her cosmetic empire. How did she do it? The only way she could, there was no welfare, their were no jobs with child care. She to took her kids in tow and went door to door selling her homemade beauty products.

Bottom line, she made it happen. She didn’t tell herself the story of “I don’t have money” “There are no opportunities for people of my skin color” There are no opportunities for females” etc… She told herself a different story.

She told herself a story of a successful business woman who could empower other women. Today is a new day for you to tell yourself a new story. Shred the victim story and create a victorious story about yourself! Create a victorious story about your marriage. It’s your choice, choose wisely.

In this edition of Life Leadership and the NFL, we are going to focus on marriage relationships. As someone who has been married 26 times ( to the same gorgeous woman) and written a #1 Bestselling book on the subject, many consider us experts. What we are experts in, is simply being intentional on creating a Marriage of Greatness .

One key to a marriage of greatness, is making sure things are working for both parties. Tom Brady just had a two hour tell all radio interview where he openly talked about he and Gisele’s marriage. He revealed that things were NOT working for both of them:

“Her point was, ‘Well yeah of course this works for you. It all works for you but it doesn’t work for me,'” he explained. “Because you can get caught up in your life where you think a relationship’s great because it only works for you. And the point of a relationship, it has to work for both. You better work on both cause if you don’t then ultimately it’s not just sustainable.”

The great news is, a Marriage of Greatness is sustainable, and no it doesn’t take two people. It just takes you, that’s right, you can not control your spouse, you can only control YOUR actions and YOUR attitude. For things to improve in your marriage, you must improve, it’s that simple.

So take a tip from the greatest of all time QB’s and choose to be intentional in your marriage, remember, you & your spouse can just go through life like everyone else, or you can GROW through life together. Growth really does = happiness.

WARNING! Massive Encouragement Awaits you.

I was honored to be on the #1 rated podcast ( in my mind) Thrive Loud with Lou Diamond. If you want to have total peace in your heart, rise up to a marriage of greatness and be massively encouraged, then this is the podcast for you. Listen now!

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Yes COVID 19 has been a huge interruption for everyone in the world. However there has been some massive upside. For those who’s Love Language is quality time, having everyone home is a huge blessing. Working parents are getting to enjoy their family and kids more. Many millions of Americans are excited to work from home full time, now that they have had a taste.

Necessity is mother of all invention and people all over the world are finding new ways to get things done. It truly is an unprecedented time. Yes I realize not everyone is thriving. However I believe COVID 19 is just like a bow & arrow, right now the world is getting pulled backwards, but soon we will surge forward like never before. Get ready for a massive blessing in your life, start preparing for it today. It will be here sooner than you think.

If your the kind of person that enjoys deep discussions on the NFL, Life & Leadership, then this podcast is for you!



4:20 – The Canceled Tom Brady Parade.

9:58 – Cam Newton & The Change In Your Life.

29:00 – Labor vs. Union Myth in the NFL.

37:22 – The Smokey Room & Pope NFL Draft of 2020.

The cure for the Corona virus is simply Common Sense. According to the CDC ( from October 1st 2019 to February 29th 2020, there has been 20,000 to 52,000 deaths caused by “the common flu.” You read it correctly, the common flu, which there is still no known cure. So why all the panic over the Corona virus?

Well, it is an election year after all. It was brought to my attention by a famous Angel investor that the SARS & EBOLA viruses broke out during election years. Gives you something to think about for sure.

The bottom-line is this, we don’t need to stock up on toilet paper, we need to stock up on common sense. The best way to protect yourself from a virus is to have a strong immune system. This is created by living a healthy lifestyle, eating clean foods, moving your body ( it’s mostly water and what happens to stagnant water?) and finally adding extra doses of forgiveness to boost your emotional well being.

So let’s all get back outside, breathe in the fresh air of life and go about living our dreams and serving others. The sooner people catch on, the better : )

In this first installment of Life Leadership & the NFL, we will explore who’s really going to make the decision where Tom Brady plays in 2020 and why.

A few years ago, Facebook released a docu-series TV show titled Tom vs. Time. Most assumed, because of the title, it would be about Tom’s quest to play into his mid 40’s. What it really showed was how little time Tom actually gets to spend with his family. In one episode, it showed Tom & his wife Gisele surfing in Costa Rica. After drying off they they were eating lunch and Gisele said point blank “I’m done, lets just move down here full time.” In another tell all episode, it showed Tom and his son taking a trip together to China. No Corona virus to worry about back then. While they were able to enjoy some special moments together, much of their trip was spent doing interviews and big PR appearances, where his son was basically lost in the shuffle and waiting in the corner. I still remember the “can I have my dad back now” look on his sons face at one of the events.

The show (and this blog for that matter), isn’t a knock on Tom’s parenting or husbandry. Rather it simply showed how much time Tom must invest in being the Tom Brady brand. It’s easy to look down upon Tom with a envious eye and declare “nobody has a gun to his head, he can say no to all the PR, endorsement deals etc.” and of course we all know you would make different choices right? Speaking of choices, that’s what this article is all about, who really is making the choice about where Tom plays in 2020?

The simple facts are these: Gisele wanted Tom to retire years ago, they have sold their home in New England and during the Off-Season they reside in Los Angeles. My theory is, if Gisele can’t have the time she wants with Tom, then she might as well be warm in the California sunshine. I took my family to Disneyland a few days ago and we enjoyed the 80 degree temperature… in February. Alas, someone has to do it. And now Gisele wants to do it too. So if Tom is going to play, it’s going to be for the LA Chargers, otherwise he will have to play soccer in Costa Rica. Another fact to add is Philip Rivers is no longer on the team, and coincidentally he has moved to be closer to his extended family in Florida. Thus making way TB12 to open the new LA stadium in style.

Lastly and most importantly for all the husbands and wives out there. If your spouses Love Language is Quality Time, the Tom Brady lifestyle is the worst possible choice you can make. Regardless of the income and opportunities, your relationship simply won’t last. Too many realize this way too late and then wonder what happened. Men I challenge you to step up to a Marriage of Greatness and learn your spouses Love Language. Ladies, there is a pressing need for you to learn your husbands Love Language and speak it as much as possible.

I hope Tom & Gisele have learned each others Love Language and I look forward to them living happily ever after, and winning a Super Bowl in Los Angeles.

You know what I’m talking about, the “new car feeling” lasts for a while but then, it becomes just another car.

The new house is awesome, but sooner or later the feeling fades, the new job or business is the same. Some even fall into this trap with their relationships, trading up every 7 to 10 years.

Why doesn’t the feeling last? Because the Outside can’t change what’s Inside you.

NFL Hall of Famer Dion Sanders shared with me that one of the lowest points in his life, was winning his first Super Bowl. His whole career he was told that winning  the Super was the ultimate. Shortly after the win he realized, no matter where you go and what you do, there you are.

Nothing on the outside can change you on the inside, only you can change you, through personal growth and learning to love yourself. The outside can only mask things and provide temporary highs.

The key to permanent everlasting joy is learning to love yourself, and truly understanding that the creator of the universe made you for a purpose and He loves you no matter what.