What time is it you ask?  It’s time to change for the better! Yes you can change, however all change looks like loss in the beginning, so we naturally resist it. 

Why do we do this? Simple, our human nature is to avoid pain at all costs. It doesn’t matter if the pain is real or if it’s imagined, another name for imagined pain is fear.  If we believe something “bad” or “painful” can happen, we naturally avoid it by making excuses and justifying them with faulty logic. It happens so fast, most of us don’t even know we are doing it! Then we wonder why life isn’t going the way we imagined it.

In order for things to get better, we must get better. It all starts by noticing, Jon DeCuir taught me this in a remarkable way, he said “Just notice what you’re doing.” Once you notice it, you can adjust it and take it off autopilot. You see “if most people said what they were thinking, they would be speachless.” -Earl Nightingale.  Clearly there are certain areas in our life where we are not thinking, we are just reacting in fear and not getting the results we want.

No guilt, no should shame, just permission to change and do better starting today. What areas in your life are on autopilot to avoid pain? Notice them, Name them and Write them down. Now take a deep breath and Release them.

In the ancient scriptures a man named Isaiah wrote down countless prophecies, one of them was a command from God to literally “sing a new song.” Songs are stories, so it’s time to release old stories that no longer serve you and start telling new stories of success, overcoming and good health.

You can do it! You have what it takes.

Photo credit: Copyright: ©beeboys – stock.adobe.com