Brighter side of marriage Evan Money
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The Brighter Side of Marriage for Entrepreneurs.

My bride and I had a blast with Monica Tanner On The Brighter Side of Marriage podcast. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN We discuss some juicy details on marriage & entrepreneurship, ENJOY!    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
Marriage and Entreprenuership
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Success in your Business without Sacrificing your Marriage Part1.

Yes! It is possible to have a thriving marriage and a thriving business, as well as, being healthy, strong and enjoying your children if you have them. This is what my bride I call "a Marriage of Greatness. " Many entrepreneurs are already…
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Life Lesson from why the Dallas Cowboys are trading Dak Prescott for Deshaun Watson.

You heard it here first, Jerry Jones the GM and owner of the Dallas Cowboys is trading Dak Prescott for Deshaun Watson. Why? Better yet, what is the life lesson for you? First off let's complement  Jerry Jones and you for your self -awareness.…
The Daily Beast
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We Are All Going Through Something.

As a coach to growth minded, high level entrepreneurs, I find it very interesting that no matter the level of success, wealth or impact, everyone is going through something. The biggest LIE we tell ourselves is "As soon this thing is handled,…
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Portrait of a introverted extrovert.

As a international speaker & seminar leader many would assume I'm a natural extrovert. Not true! It took me a while to figure this out, that's for sure.  Recently I was asked some questions about this from a reporter, Thomas C. Thomas…

Why doesn’t the feeling last?

  You know what I'm talking about, the "new car feeling" lasts for a while but then, it becomes just another car. The new house is awesome, but sooner or later the feeling fades, the new job or business is the same. Some even…
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Be careful when praying for your marriage.

  "When you seek God concerning your relationship with your spouse, you may be surprised to find that God points out what you really need to do... not what they need to change." I found this quote in an old folder and WOW is it accurate. Yes,…

Problems are only opportunities with thorns on them.

This is such a true quote from Hugh Miller. The biggest "issues" in your marriage maybe your biggest strengths. I know it doesn't seem like it at this moment but trust me, it's true. All it takes is a little perspective and understanding,…

Marriage Q & A

ANSWERS FOR THE FAMILY EDITION I was blessed to be a guest on Answers for the Family Radio show with Allen Cardoza. As promised here are two answers from the Q & A. Question #1. ( paraphrased ) My husband recently retired…

A New Story About Your Life

"Each level of glory, requires a new story." You may be asking, what do you mean a new story Evan? Well, the simple truth is, every limitation on your life is just a story that you are telling yourself. I know that hurts but deep down…