Want to trade your busyness for BLISS?
It’s easier than you think, just follow these 2 simple steps:
Step #1. Slow down to Catch up with God.
This is an iconic quote from the documentary Godspeed and it’s so true. If you really want to catch up to God , then slow down! For example, this holiday season, instead of “stopping by” multiple parties, just choose one and actually “be present.” Imagine that. Skip the hustle and bustle of party hopping and just relax and be present. It’s a great “present” to anyone you interact with.
Step #2. Remember that Less is More.
One quality conversation can be so rejuvenating, compared to 20 shallow conversations that leave you totally drained. Skip the checklist of people you “have to” say hi to. Instead, choose quality over quantity. Be intentional about having one of two QUALITY conversations where you are fully present. It will make all the difference.
Once you embrace steps 1 & 2 you will have tremendous energy for sustained bedroom bliss 🥰