There is an old Persian tale about a bug in a rug, in many ways we are just like this bug. We move from problem to problem looking for crumbs and complaining about our challenges in life. When all we have to do is choose rise up to a higher lever, because then we can see the beautiful tapestry and the purpose for each fiber. 

Have you been acting like this bug lately?  We all do, it’s ok. No shame, no guilt, it’s all about how fast we can process our bug thoughts into God thoughts and look at our life from a new point of view.

Remember, whatever we focus on we feel. What have you been focusing on lately? Ready for a shift, ready to jump out of that rut? You can do it, right now. Ask yourself this question, what’s going well in my life? Think on this and starting writing all the things down. As a follow up question, ask yourself, what am I looking forward to? 

Simple, Clean, Easy and Highly Effective.