The truth about Tom Brady and Gisele’s divorce.

It's far too easy to say that Tom Brady choose football over Gisele, but isn't that what happened?  But before we get started, I'm on the record of saying I hope they get back together and they can!  As well, the only people who really know…
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What Men Really Want.

Most of the time, men don't even know how to articulate what they really want. We say and do all kinds of things, but according to bestselling author David Deida: "at the core of the male is our desire for Freedom." This is why a Home Run in…
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What I learned from Redeeming Love the movie.

My bride and I were so blessed to get a invite to the Hollywood premiere of Redeeming Love, yet I didn't want to go. As a father with a teenage daughter, the subject matter is very challenging for me. However my bride just finished the book,…
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What is Bitcoin? And why it affects your Health, Relationships and Finances.

What is Bitcoin? It's not a real coin that you can put in your safe or hand someone for payment. The short and sweet answer is,  it's a digital currency, very similar to airline miles.  Back in 1987 airline miles were invented and rapidly…
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Do You Need a Breakthrough?

  Do you need a breakthrough?   Once upon a time, my bride and I’s 10th wedding was rapidly approaching. We both agreed this would be our biggest and most extravagant wedding yet. The budget was bursting at the seems after paying…
Marriage and Entreprenuership
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  As promised from part 1 of this blog, I’m going to share the secrets of connecting on deeper levels with your spouse and kids in a fraction of the time it normally takes. Let’s face it, as a married entrepreneur you have a lot…
Brighter side of marriage Evan Money
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The Brighter Side of Marriage for Entrepreneurs.

My bride and I had a blast with Monica Tanner On The Brighter Side of Marriage podcast. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN We discuss some juicy details on marriage & entrepreneurship, ENJOY!    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
Marriage and Entreprenuership
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Success in your Business without Sacrificing your Marriage Part1.

Yes! It is possible to have a thriving marriage and a thriving business, as well as, being healthy, strong and enjoying your children if you have them. This is what my bride I call "a Marriage of Greatness. " Many entrepreneurs are already…