Life Changing Day w/ Evan

One Day Can Make All The Difference!

Don’t Wait Another Second!

Association is one of the most powerful forces in our lives, discover how to harness it and you will transform your life.

For the rare and qualified few, Evan Money will open his business and personal life with you for the sole purpose of sky-rocketing your growth and fast forwarding your biggest dreams to make them reality.

Evan will also personally give you a special tour of inspiration along the breathtaking coastline of majestic Rancho Palos Verdes.

See and experience first hand Evan’s personal
inspiration and thinking spots.

Evan will even show you a few of
Frank Lloyd Wright homes along the way.

Learn – Discover – Grow

Transform Your Entire Life

Only 3 people total will be allowed at any one time
for this unprecedented opportunity.

Due to Evan’s movie commitments and guarded family time.
Space is extremely limited.

Call or e-mail for an application.

One Time Investment of:

3 meals and 5 Star Accommodations
At The Terranea Resort.

For those that want Evan all to themselves, the One on One VIP rate is
Call or e-mail Evan directly for an application

Breakthrough to the GOLD Life

Trade in your OLD life for the GOLD life, it starts by putting God first.

You must go beyond normal masterminds to reach the GOLD Life.

The GOLD Life uses the same Braintrust framework implemented by Pixar to create over 10 billion dollars at the
box office and 17 consecutive hit movies, but we add something more. Going from OLD to GOLD requires bringing all of God ( capital G) and moving him in front of your old life and business.

Imagine the levels of greatness you can achieve with God fully on your side leading the way. 
Each GOLD Life consists of a Expert Panel hand picked by Evan Money himself to match the needs of each group.

Evan will bring in select individuals who have massive success in all areas of their lives (Health, Relationships,Finances, Business, Faith) and are living Life to the Full!
Imagine experiencing this powerful group that is committed to helping you reach your biggest dreams and goals.

The GOLD Life is a gathering of special people that want to massively grow and
learn from each others best practices in life, specifically health, relationships, finances, business and faith.

As well as, learn from our Expert Panels mistakes.
When your successful, most people party, when you face failure, most of us ponder.
The mistakes made by our expert panel alone are priceless learning tools.

Acceptance to the GOLD Life is
not based on your net worth, rather your self worth.

We are are looking for select individuals who are ready to climb the peak of greatness in all areas of their life.

                                                    Will you be one of the lucky few who benefits from the experience and insight of this program?

The supportive coaching, mentoring and iron sharpening iron, will pay off  “like a winning Lotto ticket.”

So if your serious about reaching greatness  in your health, relationships, finances and faith,
then I invite you to apply.

Remember “View affects vision” this is why we meet in the exact room pictured below:


We have new groups forming now:

You’ll invest a quarterly tax deductible participation fee of
$5,000 or pay in full for $17,700.

You’ll invest a quarterly tax deductible participation fee of
$15,000 or pay in full for $55,000.

Plus – if you ARE accepted and invited into the group, you’ll be expected to stay the distance, meaning you’ll
attend our 4 in person group meetings ,here in Los Angeles,  at my favorite 5 Star resort in the exact board room
pictured above, and every live coaching call
and you’ll pay for the entire, 12-month process.

If you’re at all tentative, uncertain or concerned about yourself, your finances or the expert panels
ability to add enormous value, please don’t even apply for consideration.

However, if the GOLD life speaks to your soul and you are ready to live Life to the Full, then take action now!

Coaching You to Live Life to the Full

GOLD LIFE Coaching

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams and fully
embrace the greatness God has put in you?

It’s time to rise up to the GOLD standard in your life. A higher standard in your relationships, health and finances.

It’s time to leave average behind and be a man or woman of greatness!

“Turn a deaf ear to the old voices,
open your eyes to the new choices.” – Max Lucado

Get ready to live Life to the Full.

Now it’s just a matter of financial details.

6 month $150,000

1 year $250,000 Includes Bonus Experience: One round of golf at Augusta National

We personally guarantee our results and back it with action!

**** ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT FOR 2021 ****

You Must Call In To Enroll (310)-750-6219

Life changing breakthroughs & lasting change happen with an Evan Money coaching conversation, below is a testimonial from one such conversation:

“Evan, I finally took your advice and ‘took action now’.  I started a recruiting company and currently supporting close to 10 chick-fil-A franchsiees. I got invited to chick-fil-a corporate headquarters in Atlanta, to present my business to a panel of operators. If they select me, I’ll become an official preferred talent sourcing company for CFA franchisees. Thanks for your inspiration!” – Travis C.

IMAGINE the freedom and breakthroughs that await you.

A Million Dreams:

Every night I lie in bed

the brightest colors fill my head

a million dreams are keeping me awake

I think of what the world could be, the vision of the one I see

a million dreams is all it’s going to take

a million dreams for the world we are going to make.

Enjoying the afternoon with my “Hair Mentor” Malcolm Gladwell.

Sharing insights with Joel Osteen.