It’s far too easy to say that Tom Brady choose football over Gisele, but isn’t that what happened?  But before we get started, I’m on the record of saying I hope they get back together and they can!  As well, the only people who really know what happened are Tom and Gisele, so let’s skip the gossip and get into what we can learn from all this.

All men and I mean All, struggle is these 3 areas: Intimacy, Identity and Integrity. Shout out to JuVan Langford and his Australian research team for this discovery.

Intimacy–  Most men are sexually autistic. Autism is basically sensory overload, and in our hyper sexual culture most men are simply overloaded. Combine that with the stress and anxiety of daily living and you have a recipe for disaster. Now magnify that by “1,000,000 x” by being a public figure and pro athlete, it’s amazing Tom can function at all.

Integrity-  Here is a big one! For a living Tom has to lie, every day, to reporters and the media. That wears on your soul. Tom does his best to laugh it off and he has even said to the media, don’t believe anything I tell you. Sadly there is no On/Off switch for integrity, Tom is between a rock and hard place everyday. This doesn’t bode well when trying to be a father and a husband.

Identity- Ahh, here is where we strike gold. Tom has been a football player all his life, his brand TB 12 is his jersey number. If Tom isn’t playing football anymore, who is he? These are deep questions, so allow me to ask you, who are you outside of your profession? This is why men go into a tail spin when they lose their job or even sell their companies, they now have to sit with themselves and figure out who they are. Sadly most men have no clue, do you?

It’s not about what happened to Tom and Gisele, is about what’s happening to you. What are you becoming? What direction in life are you going? Are you living life to the full or just existing?  Let Tom and Gisele’s choices help you to reassess your life and make some course corrections, as well I encourage all men to sit with themselves and do the deep work of discovering who they are. Remember, the greatest love of all is learning to love yourself. 









* Photo Credit Clutch Points