Many of you reading this are familiar with your personality type, be it Myers Briggs, the Enneagram or your Personality Tree. Extremely helpful and eye opening for sure. The next popular tool to really knowing and loving yourself is the 5  Love Languages, a game changer for tens of millions the world over.  But there is more!

You will be amazed to discover that there are 4 primary ways that we process things. Now you can discover your processing style today:

VERBAL- I’m a verbal processor for sure, so we have to start with this one. The bottomline is, Verbal Processors just need to talk things out. It’s not an ego thing as some may think. I.E. “That person just likes to hear themselves talk.” The reality is, they need to hear themselves talk in order to sort things out, gain clarity and understanding.

Once people discover they are a Verbal Processor, it really helps them to understand that not everyone likes or even wants to hear them process. The perfect storm is someone who doesn’t know they are a Verbal Processor and has bad breath. Please, someone help the person with cinnamon gum and directing them to this blog.

WRITING- As Verbal Processors need to talk it out, Writing Processors need to write it out. This is why some people swear by journaling, while others can never seem to think of anything to write down. It’s ok, we are all not Writing Processors. You are now free to donate or give away all your empty journals to your Writing Processing friends.

ACTIVE/CREATIVE- These type of processors need to be active and or creative to process their thoughts. Be it siting down and playing music, painting, drawing a picture, building a model, taking a walk or hike, climbing, fishing etc… These activities allow the Active/Creative Processor access to a special part of their brain that allows them to process. The outdoor enthusiant market is largely made up of Active/Creative Processors.

MENTAL- For the Mental Processor the bottomline is, they just need to sit and think. These type of processors love a good porch swing or a comfy chair next to the fire place. Unlike the Active/Creative, stillness is the name of the game. Some would see these types as “loners” or “anti -social” when the reality is, they just need time to sit and think.

For parents, the sooner you can identify which style your child or children are, the more you can help and support them. Why do some kids just want to be outside and play all day, while others prefer the quiet and their alone time? Why are some kids “chatter boxes” and other just want to draw and paint. The biggest blessing is when you can help each child understand the other, so they in turn can support each other. Imagine how much better your childhood could have been if you simply knew how you and your family processed?

Well now you know, take action on this information and bless others with it. You will be so glad you did.


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