Real Meditation

Real Meditation

In the book of Joshua God commands the successor of Moses to mediate. Not only that, God promises great success and prosperity by doing so. Yet the Western church has mostly apposed the exploration of meditation. I believe it's due to the fact…
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We Are All Going Through Something.

As a coach to growth minded, high level entrepreneurs, I find it very interesting that no matter the level of success, wealth or impact, everyone is going through something. The biggest LIE we tell ourselves is "As soon this thing is handled,…
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Be careful when praying for your marriage.

  "When you seek God concerning your relationship with your spouse, you may be surprised to find that God points out what you really need to do... not what they need to change." I found this quote in an old folder and WOW is it accurate. Yes,…

God’s Truths Through The Mandalorian

"It seems to me that faith is really simple, we choose to make it hard so we can justify disobeying God." At least that's how it is for me. I'm first to go on the record that the biggest room in my house, is the room for improvement.…