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The Truth About You as a Entrepreneur.

Have you ever heard this: “It’s a RISK to bet on yourself and start a new business venture.” IT’S A LIE!!!!  THE  TRUTH IS: The SAFEST thing in the world is to bet on yourself! Here is why, because GOD preloaded you with greatness. That’s a fact, so why would you bet against God?  For […]


Guess What I Get To Do?

That’s right, I “get to” do my corporate taxes. Who looks forward to taxes? As a big picture non detail visionary, certainly not me! Getting all the numbers together for my CPA is tedious and painful task. So in the past I have always put it off, because like you, I’m wired to avoid pain, […]


Are You Doing It Right?

Ok, full disclosure, I was incarcerated for 12 years in the LA County Public School system.  For all my formative years I was force fed their doctrine, and I’m still detoxing myself from many of these limiting beliefs. One such belief recently surfaced and I wanted to share it with you.   It’s a back of […]