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I was honored to be on the #1 rated podcast ( in my mind) Thrive Loud with Lou Diamond. If you want to have total peace in your heart, rise up to a marriage of greatness and be massively encouraged, then this is the podcast for you. Listen now!

Life Leadership & the NFL

If your the kind of person that enjoys deep discussions on the NFL, Life & Leadership, then this podcast is for you! LISTEN NOW: https://thriveloud.com/thrive_loud/431-dcmt/ HIGHLIGHTS 4:20 – The Canceled Tom Brady Parade. 9:58 – Cam Newton & The Change In Your Life. 29:00 – Labor vs. Union Myth in the NFL. 37:22 – The […]

The Cure for the Corona Virus.

The cure for the Corona virus is simply Common Sense. According to the CDC (cdc.gov) from October 1st 2019 to February 29th 2020, there has been 20,000 to 52,000 deaths caused by “the common flu.” You read it correctly, the common flu, which there is still no known cure. So why all the panic over […]

Ever notice that the feeling never lasts?

You know what I’m talking about, the “new car feeling” lasts for a while but then, it becomes just another car. The new house is awesome, but sooner or later the feeling fades, the new job or business is the same. Some even fall into this trap with their relationships, trading up every 7 to […]

Two Reasons why “Balance” is a LIE.

For those that are continuously chasing their tail, trying to achieve work life balance or any kind of balance in life, let me help you stop the pain. There is no such thing as balance. It’s doesn’t exist, which is why you can never achieve it. You get close, only to have all your dominoes […]

Health is the Real Wealth

Live The Detox Lifestyle Did you know that from 4am to 12 noon is your bodies natural detox time? Your body is attempting to detoxify itself, but after many entrepreneurs stack so much unhealthy food in their bodies, then add in the additional stress of running a business and lack of exercise, the body has […]

Enjoy the present, while you plan for the long term.

According to Erwin McManus, to enjoy life is a sacred act of worship. At first I didn’t agree with that statement, I was too caught up in building businesses, raising a family and trying to be “spiritual.” Enjoying life was something you got to do after…. After the kids were raised, after the business matured […]