As a coach to growth minded, high level entrepreneurs, I find it very interesting that no matter the level of success, wealth or impact, everyone is going through something. The biggest LIE we tell ourselves is

“As soon this thing is handled, then I’ll be _______. ” 

Sound familiar? Sure there is a temporary relief, but all too soon something magically replaces your old challenge with an even bigger one, or so it seems.


Sadly 98% of the world stays caught up in the Doom Loop of Pain & Problems. It all stems from the destructive “If Then Cycle” that my bride and I cover in our #1 Bestseller. The “IF Then Cycle” applies to all areas in life, your marriage, your business, your health etc.  Here are some examples to clarify: 


YOUR MARRIAGE: “If she would be more responsive in the bedroom, then I would be a better husband.”

YOUR BUSINESS:  “If my employees would be more responsible, then I could grow the company’s profits & sales”

YOUR HEALTH: “If I enjoyed working out more, then I would be in better health.”

YOUR LIFE:  “If I can just over come my self doubting inner voice, then life will be better.”   


The simple truth is, our life is like a Bow & Arrow. There is always tension, and if there wasn’t, then the bow would be useless. Rather than bemoaning the tension, embrace it! Focus on launching your arrows, not the tension on the string. Every great archer will tell you the key to success with a bow & arrow is to breathe and focus. Breathe and relax in the tension, then focus on launching your arrows into the world to serve others and do great things. 

Let’s make 2021 the year of launching great arrows.



(Photo credit: The Daily Beast)