What to expect from this interview:

  • What Evan means by “life to the full”
  • Growing up in Los Angeles in a “normal dysfunctional family”
  • Constantly being converted
  • The value of being in the present and how to practice presence
  • Discovering how to love himself
  • Marrying his wife again every year and the spiritual benefits
  • How the practice of marrying one another again inspires others
  • Releasing expectations about what a good Christian should be
  • Daily dark night of the soul

Great quotes:

“Let’s figure out how to create your life to the full and what does that look like being authentic to your life and faith?”

“Life is really about, I believe, living your dreams and serving other people. Greatness is doing them both at the same time.”

“I don’t think you can commit to a marriage and not commit to Christ.”

“What would it look like if you put as much energy into romancing your wife as you do into fantasy football?”

LISTEN HERE:  https://ericnevins.com/podcast/halfwaythere/112/