The Greatest Adventure is growing together as a family, and exploring what God wants to do in your heart.

Here is the part that took me the longest to learn. What God is doing in my heart maybe totally different than yours, and that’s ok! I used to get so entangled in comparing myself and my personal growth to others. Silly me, it’s called “personal” growth for a reason.

I also used to second guess how our family was growing together, I used to wonder if I was doing it “right” and if I was a good parent. I still think about such things from time to time, but my new focus is simply doing what God puts on my heart. Doing His Will His Way. To quote a previous post of mine: “This is the Way.”

God’s Will, God’s Way will look different in your life. Sure there are key things we can all learn from each other, but at the end of the day it’s what God is doing in us and through us. IF WE WILL LET HIM and choose to be obedient. It’s a life long journey for sure, remember the JOY is the Journey.

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