It’s takes some self awareness to actually admit this to yourself. Speaking of being self aware, it’s impossible to see the outside of the label from inside the bottle. We live in our own bottles, therefore we simply are not able to see ourselves accurately.

Have you ever watched a video of yourself? You don’t sound like you think you sound, and you don’t move like you think you move. This is why it’s critical to have a growth mindset, and invest in yourself so you can catch these huge blind spots we all have.

Have you been blinded by your ambition? Do the “ends justify the means?”

Here is something I came to realize, it’s not what I was doing, it was the intention behind it. It’s not about the what, it’s about why you are really doing it.  Two people can be in the exact same business, yet one is totally destructive and self serving while the other is blessing his fellow man.

Let me give you two examples, one positive and one that needs improvement in my life.

#1. I have a personal goal to make $100 million USD in profit in one day.

The reason behind it is, it forces me to think different and create a way to bring $100 million of value to my fellow man.


#2. My bride and I have a mission of empowering 20 million marriages in 2020 and 2021. We have a Marriage of Greatness video course and intimate live events for growth minded entrepreneurs. 

I made the mistake of solely getting caught up in the numbers. Focusing on conversion rates and web traffic etc. I lost sight of the mission and the joy of empowering other couples to have a Marriage of Greatness.

When COVID hit and large live events were tabled, God gave me a great download. I realized to have a marriage event that creates breakthroughs and lasting change, my bride and I needed to go deep instead of wide. We needed to create an event that holds space for couples to connect in way they have never done before. To truly be Seen Heard and Recognized by each other.  

As well, God reminded me that my bride and I have already empowered millions of couples. Our story of being remarried in a different state or country every year has been featured in commercials, magazines and even the British tabloids.

So for me, it’s now all about creating harmony and staying focused on the mission and doing God’s Will, God’s Way, Today.


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