Ok, full disclosure, I was incarcerated for 12 years in the LA County Public School system.  For all my formative years I was force fed their doctrine, and I’m still detoxing myself from many of these limiting beliefs. One such belief recently surfaced and I wanted to share it with you.  

It’s a back of mind, very subtle feeling of  “Am I doing this right?”  Doing what right you may ask. Lot’s of things, running my businesses, raising my teenage children, working out/exercising, stewarding my personal finances. Part of me is expecting an exam of some kind or a “Gold Standard” way to measure up. You need to know that I have spent my whole life being the rebel, for example I didn’t start my businesses for so called noble reasons, it was a way for me to rebel against the job mentality which the public school system groomed me for. For 24 years and 27 marriages around the world, my bride and I intentionally create a daily Happily Ever After lifestyle. For me it all stemmed from rebelling against having a miserable marriage, which the world told me was my only option, either that or be divorced and desperate or single and cynical.

Then it really hit me in my quite time and prayer time, what if there isn’t a right way?  What if it’s as simple as doing God’s Will, God’s Way today? For example, in my 30’s and 40’s I was big on amassing wealth and creating empires. That seemed like the “right way”,  yet the empires or the financial piles were never big enough to bring me real joy and peace.  Now I’m seeing the JOY in simply focusing on distributing the “fish and loaves” that God gives me that day.  For example, today maybe all about distributing encouragement and hope through this blog.  It may be about distributing wisdom or connection with my family on our hike later today. 

What if the only person I can compare myself with is me? So let me ask you a question, what isn’t working in your life? Is it possible your trying to measure up to something that doesn’t even exist? What if you could relax and be at peace just being you? It is possible! The greatest love of all is learning to love yourself, and once you being that quest you can then start shedding the bogus expectations that the world puts on us. Allow me to encourage you to pursue a life of growth, discovery, true joy and peace. It’s so worth it.