For those that are continuously chasing their tail, trying to achieve work life balance or any kind of balance in life, let me help you stop the pain. There is no such thing as balance. It’s doesn’t exist, which is why you can never achieve it. You get close, only to have all your dominoes toppled at the last minute. How long will you try to find something that doesn’t exist? Let me prove it to you.

Reason #1. The biggest illusion of finding balance is that once you get there, you can stop. At last, you will be rid of all the tension and you can relax and get some much needed rest. The simple truth is, in order to “stay balanced” you have to “keep balancing” which requires the same if not more work. Have you ever been on a slack line? Or tried your hand at surfing? Once you stand up and get “balanced” you have to use even more muscles and more effort to “stay balanced.” The illusion of a balanced life free from tension and stress, where you always arrive early and your kids never act up and all your customers pay on time and cash flow is always at an all time high, is just that, an illusion.

Reason #2. Surprise, instead of another reason I’m going to give you a a pain free alternative to chasing your tail. Instead of chasing after balance, You Can achieve Harmony. I first discovered this when my bride and I took our 6 and 9 year old to the Philharmonic Symphony. Our goal was to make it to intermission : ) As the symphony was warming up, the sounds coming from their instruments were anything but. In fact it was very out of balance. As well I took a count of all the different instruments and how many of each there were. The violins out numbered them all and of course there was only one cymbal and one xylophone, again totally out of balance. The sheet music that all the symphony was using for the nights performance was a jumble of notes, all over the page with no continuity, totally out of balance. Yet when the conductor flipped his wand, Harmony filled the air. It was magnificent to behold and to hear I can assure you. Plus our children did really well and made it through he whole show.

“The good news is, you get to be the conductor and the composer of your life. “

Each season is going to require different notes in different places, but no matter what is happening, you can turn all this imbalance into Harmony. Remember, your sheet music doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s, that’s the reason you became an entrepreneur in the first place right? Your Harmony make look and sound totally different than mine and that’s ok. For my bride and I we Homeschool our children, get remarried every year, have multiple businesses and ministries, yet we create large amounts of down time and tech free zones in our house and tech free days every week. This maybe the exact opposite of Harmony for you or you may like some of notes, feel free to use them and create your own Harmony. You can do it!

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