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Invest Your Time Where it Counts

Are you letting the cares of the world pull you away from those you care about? Imagine having the entire cast of Shark Tank sitting in your office, just hanging out and ready to give you sage advice about helping your company prosper. However, instead of being in your office, you choose to run around […]

Half Way There Pod Cast

    What to expect from this interview: What Evan means by “life to the full” Growing up in Los Angeles in a “normal dysfunctional family” Constantly being converted The value of being in the present and how to practice presence Discovering how to love himself Marrying his wife again every year and the spiritual […]

Success is One Thing Impact is Another.

“Many men can can make a fortune but very few can build a family.” –J. S. Bryan What is the eternal impact that you are having through your business operations? Have you ever thought about it? Now is the time. Living Life to the Full is so much more than success; it’s all about impact. […]