Marriage and Entreprenuership


As promised from part 1 of this blog, I’m going to share the secrets of connecting on deeper levels with your spouse and kids in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

Let’s face it, as a married entrepreneur you have a lot going on and much on your mind, all the time! How can you put that aside and truly connect with your spouse and kids? SIMPLE.

At the core of our humanity we all want to be Seen Heard and Recognized. Social Media proves this, just in case you weren’t sure. So, the best ways to do this are:

#1. Listen Deeply – Rather than listening to reply, simply listen to understand. This takes all the pressure and mental energy off of you. Simply look in their eye and listen deeply. It helps to put you phone out of ear shot. Once they are done speaking you can reply with “This is what I heard you say.” Then watch the magic happen! Teens that feel Seen Heard & Recognized behave much differently. Men, your wife will as well, especially in the bedroom. : )

#2. Speak Their Dialect of Love Language – Practically everyone has heard of the 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman, however very few actually do it and it makes all the difference! Knowing your spouses or kids Love Language won’t cut it, you have to know their Dialect and the speak it ALL THE TIME.

For example, my brides Love Language is Acts of Service and her Dialect is when I do things that are normally her responsibility. In our case one of the big things is DISHES! I hate dishes, but that is her specific Dialect and living a home school, home office lifestyle( pre & post Covid) there are ALWAYS DISHES! I used to bargain with my bride and say things like “How about I wash the cars instead?” Anything but dishes, ugh.! However I did notice that whenever I did do the dishes we always had great sex that night. Yet my brain was unable to correlate dishes with great sex, it didn’t add up.

Now I have seen the light, you do not bargain your way to greatness. Once I embraced doing the dishes with a great attitude things changed for me. I then began to visualize caressing my bride with the soap and sponge as I held the dishes. Cue the Marvin Gaye music. I could go on but you get the idea. Now I’m all over the dishes any chance I get. Why?

 #1. I get great sex!

#2. When my bride has a full Love Tank she is a better parent, better bride and super fun to be with.

Simply speak your spouses Dialect and watch what happens!