Do you need a breakthrough?  
Once upon a time, my bride and I’s 10th wedding was rapidly approaching. We both agreed this would be our biggest and most extravagant wedding yet. The budget was bursting at the seems after paying for the  catering, venue and custom matching dresses for my bride & baby daughter. A month or so before the big day, my radiant bride expressed a desire of her heart, she was captivated by a designer rose gold “right hand ring” that she saw in a magazine. I knew exactly what she was talking about as the picture was cut out and placed on our fridge, the best place for a dream board by the way. 
After reviewing the budget or lack there of in this case, it was clear to me that the ring would have to wait, however I knew how import it was to her. So with my limited mindset and male logic in full swing, I sat my bride down and asked: “Would you like the ring or the ceremony?” 
Without a pause, my bride looked into my eyes with absolute unwavering faith and said: “BOTH!” 
She then kissed me on my head and skipped out of the room. Wait! What did she say? What does she mean both? Then something remarkable happened! That at ONE WORD literally unlocked my limitations like the final number in a combination lock, “click.”  Instead of being loyal to my limitations of “EITHER OR” I fully embraced the “BOTH” mindset. 
What does this mean? I went from a lack and limitation mindset, to a possibility mindset! With my new mindset I could see new opportunities that I failed to recognize before, they were always there but my previous thinking closed me off to seeing them. Now these opportunities were available and I TOOK ACTION and sized them! 
In true Evan Money fashion, I weaved a fable of how it wasn’t possible to make the ring happen, and then ended up completely surprising my bride with the ring during the ceremony. It was glorious!
 I now pass on the “BOTH” breakthrough on to you. What area of your life have you been loyal to your limitations in? I hear by give you permission to stop telling yourself and others that story of limitation and choose a story of possibilities.  YOU CAN HAVE BOTH it is possible! 
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