I was blessed to be a guest on Answers for the Family Radio show with Allen Cardoza. As promised here are two answers from the Q & A.

Question #1. ( paraphrased ) My husband recently retired and things are not going well at home, I think he has fallen out of love with me, what can I do?

Answer: It’s not you! The simple truth is, Men are mission driven, we want to solve the challenge, not talk about it. As well, we get our identity from our job or business. Your husband has no identity and no mission, he is lost. The solution to improving your marriage is to find away to grow together.

The best place to start, is to find out your husbands Love Language ( it’s in our book) and then fill his Love Tanks. Once his Love Tanks are full, you will get your old husband back, instantly! Then and only then can you work together to discover the next mission in his life.

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Question #1. ( paraphrased ) Our son’s marriage is falling apart and he is in a very dark place. When he comes over, all he wants to talk about is what she is doing to make him miserable. If we don’t agree with him 100% he lashes out at us and storms out. What can we do? How can we get him to read your book?

Answer: You son is in massive pain because of the “IF- THEN” Cycle we cover in the book. However cleverly you want to give him our book, it won’t work. First, to get your son back, he needs his Love Tanks filled. Once filled he will be in his right mind to receive some parental wisdom. DO NOT GIVE HIM OUR BOOK IF YOU HAVE NOT READ IT. Your son needs you to read it first and hear your breakthroughs first. Once he feels secure and loved, he will be open to growth & change.

For a FREE hard copy of Happily Ever , just click HERE, all we ask is you to cover shipping & handling

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