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Did you know that from 4am to 12 noon is your bodies natural detox time? Your body is attempting to detoxify itself, but after many entrepreneurs stack so much unhealthy food in their bodies, then add in the additional stress of running a business and lack of exercise, the body has a hard time keeping up.

Detox products and “cleanses” are the all the rage these days but they are not the answer. The answer lies in your daily routine and letting you body cleanse itself. Jesus gave us the answer 2,000 years ago to living healthy and having “Life to the Full.” When the disciples asked Him how to pray he said “give us today our daily bread.” See, eating carbs is biblical lol! What he was really saying and echoed in his other talks is the importance of simply focusing on today. The world is all about selling us the magic remedy to make up for all our poor daily choices. It’s a lucrative business and since it’s easier to take a pill or magic potion than it is to change, most people stay caught in the doom loop.

But I know your not most people, as you wouldn’t be investing your time reading this article. So how do you leverage the power of the daily detox? Simple. Just eat fruit as your first meal of the day, every day. Fruit is the ultimate magic bullet. It contains special enzymes so you body can instantly absorb it’s nutrients, and all the fibers keeps the GI track happy and things moving along. Best of all it creates a daily detox.

For those of you that are already on the “Apple a Day” program, stay with it, the more fruit the better. The best part is, it doesn’t matter what fruit you choose. You can be like me and have the same fruit for breakfast every morning, or you can mix it up, it doesn’t matter. Any extra fruit you eat during the rest of your day, like an apple, is a bonus. Some days you may eat 4 or 5 pieces of fruit for breakfast, other days it may just be 1. It’s ok, this is a no stress program, just eat fruit as your first meal of the day, every day and watch what happens.

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