That’s right, I “get to” do my corporate taxes. Who looks forward to taxes? As a big picture non detail visionary, certainly not me! Getting all the numbers together for my CPA is tedious and painful task. So in the past I have always put it off, because like you, I’m wired to avoid pain, consciously and sub-consciously. So why am I all of sudden excited about it?

In order for things to change I had to change, so I changed my mindset. 

I chose a “get to” vs. “have to” attitude. It’s so simple, why didn’t I do this before? Because it’s easy not to do. Especially when you are not surrounding yourself with people of greatness.

I’m massively blessed to facilitate high level, one a kind mastermind groups for growth minded entrepreneurs. We gather every quarter and just being in the room with growing people is so uplifting, as well growth is contagious. By default I naturally want to change and grow to become better, because I’m surrounded with groups of people doing it in real time. 

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Photo credit Mike Lynch