Academy award winner Louis Gossett Jr.  said it best, “there is only one race, the human race.” Bruce Lee shared the same message, in the biggest interview of his too short career. He was asked if he wanted to be known as a Asian movie star or an American movie star, he smiled and said “I want to be known as a human being.”

I believe we all agree that police brutality must end,  no matter what color your skin is. The question is how? Allow me to share some hope with you, the officer pictured for this blog is named Tiwan and he is a Rookie in the LAPD. Talk about baptism by fire, first COVID 19 and now the rioting and looting. He is the new face of the Police, young, intelligent and no stranger to life on the streets. You see, Tiwan rose above the challenges of being raised in the Foster Care system of the inner city of Los Angeles. He became a College Graduate and now one of LAPD’s finest. 

This young man is changing the culture of police work and new wave of hope an understanding is building. Let’s all rise up and support him, by being the best human beings we can be. In order for things to get better, we must get better. In order for things to change, we must change. A new world is waiting for us to create.