One of our “spiritual gifts” of being human is that THERE always looks better than HERE.

Consciously we know that as soon as we get to THERE, it becomes the new HERE. And the cycle starts all over again, with a new THERE looking so much better than where we are now.

We know it, but it doesn’t lesson the pull. Ever walk through a fully furnished model home, it’s very intoxicating. No clutter, no dirt, no scuff marks, the glass shower is perfectly clear with no water spots, it’s glorious! Similar to the brand new car that’s on the showroom floor or the brand new boat or RV. It’s almost a spiritual experience as we imagine ourselves “THERE.”

So why is the pull of “THERE” so strong? Because we don’t have to take responsibility. When we make THERE the thing that will allow us to feel a certain way, it removes the responsibility from us.

I know, it’s tough to grasp the first time, let me show you another angle. Have you ever noticed how natural it is to blame something or someone? It’s another “spiritual gift”, we simply do not naturally take responsibility. Here is a great lesson Jim Rohn taught me. How many times have you said: “Things cost too much.” The truth is, you just can’t afford it. So instead of taking responsibility, you blame the market, or inflation, rather than changing your mindset and creating more wealth.

We do this because humans avoid change, as all change looks like loss. And fear of loss is a huge driver in human behavior, think FOMO.

So let’s bring it home, there is no better place than HERE and there never will be. Once you grasp that, you can finally be free. Yes, new cars and new homes can be huge blessings and the more blessings the better, so instead of thinking the new home or the new car is THERE, simply bring it HERE.