Evan Money

If you’re the kind of person that wants to reprocess Shame into Success, Guilt into Greatness or Anger into Forgiveness, then this blog is for you.

It’s all about reprocessing, why take years when you can do it in minutes? It all comes down to changing our state, the longer we hold onto anger, shame and guilt, the harder it is to let go. We become attached to it simply because it’s familiar.

Remember, all change feels like loss.  And what what we focus on we feel, even if it’s not true. 

So the key is to reprocess as fast as possible.

Get it out of your system asap so it won’t hang around and cause more pain. So how do we do it? One tool I use to reprocess instantly is to simply say out loud: “Same Kind of Different as me.”


For example, some one cuts me off on the freeway, I literally say out loud ” Same Kind of Different as Me.” My mind instantly goes to all the times I cut someone off, on accident or on purpose and then I say to myself  “I wonder what they are going though to make them act that way.”  These two statements instantly change my state and they will work for you too.  It’s all about changing our focus in real time, because whatever we focus on we get more of.

Now you can use these simple tools today and eliminate massive pain and problems. 


By now you maybe wondering what the deal is with the D23 Expo poster with Micky Mouses picture. It’s two fold:

#1. For 99% of the world, it’s almost impossible to look at a smiling Mickey Mouse and feel angry. Remember, it’s all about what you focus on.

#2. If  you want to attended a epic award show at this years ( 2022) D23 in Anaheim, CA  , we have a few VIP tickets available. Just send us an email through the website and we will get right back to you.