This is such a true quote from Hugh Miller.

The biggest “issues” in your marriage maybe your biggest strengths. I know it doesn’t seem like it at this moment but trust me, it’s true.

All it takes is a little perspective and understanding, they are not “being that way” just to tick you off. It’s part of their personality!

I remember when my bride and I were first married and we would go to the grocery store together. She was the detailed one and I was the one that just wanted to have fun, so I would be juggling the fruit and she would get upset with me for wasting time.

Then she would sigh when I rode the cart out of the store. Rather then continuing this for 20+ years, we decided to grow and change. We decided to choose a marriage of greatness.

So now I get my 5 items on the list and then my bride watches with delight as I juggle, then we ride the cart together out of the store. Woooo Hoooo!!!!

P.S. My bride will even ride the cart when I’m not around : ) : )


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