Hint, it’s not baby goats but they are super adorable right?

The 2 most important things that your life is missing are:

#1. Emotional Prehab

This is not a typo, too many people have a Rehab mindset instead of a Prehab mindset.  The Rehab mindset says: I got injured, now let me rehabilitate that injury so I can heal and hopefully get back to normal. The Prehab mindset says: How do I train my mind and body so I can avoid an injury and live pain free.

This goes for our physical body as well as our emotions. Let me give you an example, my parents went to heaven many years ago while my brides parents are still here. They are in their late 70’s and have some health challenges. When they were in their late 60’s I started my bride on her emotional Prehab. I had her read amazing books that have a counter culture view of dying and what it means to really live, two such examples are Tuesday’s with Morie and Being Mortal, both exceptional reads.  I also helped here to re-example her assumptions on how long her parents “should” live, I.E. there are no guarantees. She now treats them like this is the last time she will see them, not with tears and remorse but with love and appreciation. Nothing is left unsaid, it’s all a blessing.

This way when her parents do “graduate” and go to heaven, there is no emotional baggage, no remorse, no pain, just a joyful celebration of their life.


#2. Mental Health  Prehab

Take the same mindset from #1. above and apply it to your “Mental Health”. It’s the big buzz word these days as many athletes and celebrates are coming forward and sharing their mental health challenges. The key is to start doing your Prehab now, so you never fall into a state of having a mental health challenge. A great way to do this is with our Men & Women of Greatness Mastermind group, it focuses on the 5 most critical areas of your life: Spiritual Growth, Relationships, Finances, Mental Health & Emotional Growth.

Growth = Happiness and the best way to grow is to make it part of your lifestyle. When you are in a constant growth state in your mental and emotional health, you are free and unstoppable!

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